Write for Us!

Hello friend! 

We would be so happy to have you write for Divorcist! 

A bit about us: We are the first online gift registry for people experiencing a breakup. Divorcist is the place you, your friends, and your family go to find expert advice, shoulders to (virtually) cry on, and tips for getting through and rebuilding after a breakup. 

The starting rate for contributors is $50-$100 based on length. Once we launch, we will also be giving bonuses based on top performing posts. 

We have four categories of blogs in our editorial lineup. The first is “pillar content,” offering expert, researched advice on subjects such as parenting, finance, health and wellness, etc. All the useful things you need to know to get through a breakup as painlessly as possible. 

The second, third, and fourth are personal stories from our community:

“So this happened . . .” 

First person stories that you might see in a tabloid magazine, only less trashy. They could be terrible and sad or hilarious. As long as they’re true and well told, they have a place with us. 

Then there’s “I tried ___!” 

These are accounts of anything we do that might seem a little out of the ordinary or out of character as we get through our breakups. Examples include: “I tried cutting my own bangs!” “I tried krav maga!” “I tried a rage room!” “I tried fixing my car myself!” “I tried archery!” “I tried drinking as much water as I’m supposed to every day!” Be they silly or serious, successful or disastrous, all of the “I tried” series represent personal growth and the willingness to build yourself back better. Tell us what you tried, what was good, what was bad, what you plan to keep about the experience, and what you plan to ditch. 

Finally, there’s “The hill I will die on” 

This series addresses the non-negotiables we have with our exes. Breaking up means making a lot of concessions and dealing with a lot of less than ideal situations. It’s unavoidable. But there are some bridges that are just too far. Is there something that you (rationally or not) just will not stand for in your new relationship with your ex? This is the place for it. 

The Divorcist blog is the most supportive place on the internet. Our content is genuine, practical, and inspiring. Posts should be between 700 and 1,200 words and written for the internet (short paragraphs, informal language). We write for everyone, but obviously if you identify as such, feel free to write specifically to women and moms. 

Happy writing!

Elizabeth + Eliza