Laura Clery, Stephen Hilton announce separation

Laura and Stephen

We separated. 🙏🏻♥️🥹 link above to watch or listen on spotify if you want to.

♬ original sound – Laura Clery

Comedian and author Laura Clery has announced her separation from husband of 10 years, Stephen Hilton. They have two small children. 

Laura is one of those internet celebrities that I have to remind myself I have not actually met. We do not actually get coffee or do barre classes together. But her sheer warmth and honesty makes it seem like her videos on Facebook were meant just for me. 

She and Stephen, a successful composer in his own right, have built a content empire by opening up their home to us. Honestly, they’re two of the people who have helped my most through my early days of parenting. 

Laura and Stephen are both in addiction recovery and talk with absolute transparency about their sobriety work. In the past two weeks, both have posted videos separately talking about Stephen’s relapse and the affect it has had on their family. Today, Laura posted a short video simply saying “Well, the cat’s out of the bag, should I say, Stephen’s out of the house.” You can hear the shock and grief in her voice. 

All I want to do is wrap her up, put her to bed, and take the kids to a waterpark for her. But selfishly, a part of me is grateful to have a pretend friend to hold my hand through my own separation. We’ve got this!

If you or a loved one struggle with substance abuse please visit SAMHSA.gov