3 Reasons this Travel Bassinet Makes a Great Gift for Single Parents

Gift for single parents: foldable travel bassinet

We just added one of our favorite picks yet as the perfect gift for single parents to our registry! The Sunveno folding travel bassinet is a lifesaver for newly single parents who need the ultimate convenience during this stressful transition period. 

Being a parent is hard enough, and going through a breakup or divorce at the same time is challenging and isolating. This is the perfect gift to show your support without breaking the bank. 

foldable travel bassinet

The folding travel bassinet 

This transportable bassinet is one of the newest additions to the Divorcist gift registry and we must say, we’re in love. But before we get into what makes this such a perfect gift for single moms, let’s break down the specs. 

Features that make it a great gift for single parents: 

  • Lightweight & easily transportable 
  • High-density fabric top offers sun protection
  • The pop-up frame that requires no assembly
  • Fully-stitched mattress included 

The folding travel bassinet is best for: 

On-the-go parents of infants ages newborn to 9 months.


Why this folding travel bassinet is a great gift for single parents

Alright– time for us to gush. We love this travel bassinet, and not just because it’s super cute. But come on, who doesn’t love seeing a baby hanging out in their own mini tent? 

Apart from warming our baby-loving hearts, here are the top reasons this travel bassinet would make a great gift for the single parent in your life: 

It makes traveling less stressful 

Traveling with an infant is rarely a stress-free endeavor, and it’s likely to be even more frequent for newly single parents. Going through a breakup or divorce with kids usually entails a lot of trips back and forth between houses, and might require overnight stays. 

You can’t take all the stress away from a single parent’s life, but you can help to ease some of the burdens. This travel bassinet helps to do that by providing a convenient rest and sleeping arrangement for their baby when they are away from home. 

Traveling is much less stressful when you don’t have to worry about where your baby is going to be sleeping. 

It’s easy to transport 

One of our favorite features of the Sunveno folding travel bassinet is that it was created for parents on the go. 

The materials are lightweight and the bassinet comes with a strap that makes it easy for a parent to carry. Even when they already have their arms full (a common single parent phenomenon) this will still be a breeze to carry. 

The frame is also extremely easy to set up and doesn’t require any fancy folding when it’s time to put away. It’s the definition of convenient, which is exactly what the single parent in your life needs to take some of the stress off. 

It’s perfect for getting time outdoors 

Being a single parent can be extremely isolating and taxing on your loved one’s mental health. Parents of newborns can often feel trapped, and getting outside the house can be a game-changer. This travel bassinet makes that easier than ever. 

Strollers are great for short walks outside, but this travel bassinet can provide all-day coverage for a day spent outdoors. A trip to the beach or a day at the park is far more feasible when you don’t have to worry about bugs or the sun. 

It also makes it easier to take advantage of beautiful weather during nap time. Your loved one will be thanking you when they can enjoy some outdoor time while their baby rests comfortably and gets some fresh air. 

Other ways to support the single parent in your life

There are many ways you can support single parents going through a divorce or break up. The most important thing you can do for anyone going through this difficult transition is to let them know you are there to support them. 

With Divoricst, you can show your newly single loved-ones they are not alone and offer the support they need to start over. View the Divorcist gift registry to see the other fantastic products that make great gifts for single parents.