Charlie Berens: Where are the divorce registries?

Charlie Berens on stage with the text "Charlie Berens: where are the divorce registreis?"

Here, Charlie. Right here.

This weekend, our phones were blowing up. A clip was circulating of beloved Wisconsin-based comedian Charlie Berens asking, “Where are the divorce registries?”

Friends in Sydney, a cousin in Montana, and many, many of our Wisconsin-based family were excited to tell us about it. For Wisconsinites, Charlie Berens is an oracle. That he thought divorce registries should be a thing was better “proof of concept” than anything we’d experienced before. Our friends were urging us to answer him: “Divorce registries are right here!”

While we might not agree with the Bard of Bubblers that divorce registries are exclusively for “people who clearly don’t have their sh*t together,” that is sometimes the case. We can admit it. We’ve been there. And there’s a ton of sh*t TO get together when you’re going through a divorce. So. He’s not completely wrong.

Thanks for seeing the purpose and need for what we do, Charlie Berens. It was a thrill to be thought of by you! And if you’d like us to offer some of your merch for registry options, we think those Ope Old Fashioned Glasses would be a hit.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to create your own divorce registry and cash fund, look no further. Divorcist, and Charlie Berens, have your back.