Better Off Box: the care package for breakups and divorce

Better off box: the care package for the newly single

What are the best divorce gifts?

How many people do you know who regret their divorce? I’m sure there’s some out there, but we’ve yet to meet them. That doesn’t mean the process is easy. We’ve all had friends and family experiencing the pain of a break-up (if you have not, maybe it’s time to crawl out from underneath that rock). We all want to show support, but maybe aren’t always sure how. Even if you can think of the right words to say, what is the right thing to do? That’s why we created our new divorce gift basket called the Better Off Box. Not just for the newly single, these packages of sunshine are perfect for anyone going through a cloudy time. So, if you’ve been looking for easy break up gift basket ideas, your search is over! We’ve done all the work for you.

What is included in our breakup gift basket?

So what exactly might you find in a divorce gift box?  We think that break up gift baskets are most meaningful when they have a personal touch. That’s why we include a hand written note from none other than YOU, sweet sender. We’ll also include details on how they can start a gift registry and cash fund, if that’s the right move for them.

We curate our break up gift box with brands from independent and woman-owned businesses as much as possible. You might find a little salty language here and there, but what better time to drop a few expletives than when going through a divorce? Our product list is always expanding, but here are a few of our favorite items for Better Off Box divorce gift baskets.

Breakup gifts that nourish the soul

Affirmation cards

Breaking up is a time for reflection. Help her/him get in the right frame of mind with this set of affirmation cards. This set also includes suggestions for how to best meditate and manifest affirmations such as….need product info. More importantly, the affirmations offer daily encourage and important reminders to be kind to oneself. 

A self-care checklist

This self care check list is the perfect companion to our affirmation cards. Divorce can be a hectic period in life, especially for those juggling financial and legal matters along with being a caregiver. This self care check list will help make sure that they take the time for self care.

Sustainable cedar smoke wand 

Whether they need to smudge out negative energy and reclaim their current space, or start a clean slate in their new one, our cedar smoke wand will do the trick. Smudging is an empowering ritual that helps create positive energy and fosters spiritual protection. Our smoke wand is made from responsibly harvested natural products and also just happens to smell amazing!

Comforting divorce gifts

A beautiful Turkish beach towel/throw blanket

Textiles have a wonderful way of transporting us, whether to place of cozy comfort or an exotic destination. This Turkish beach towel/throw blanket gives us a boho vibe and is way too pretty to stay folded on a shelf. The hand of this fabric exudes quality and its classic design is universally appealing. 

Bath salts

Speaking of badass babes, Mae West put it best when she said, “When in doubt, take a bath.” We wholeheartedly agree and think that no break up gift basket is complete without bath salts. Our Happiness bath salt contains a soothing blend of essential oils to promote relaxation, ease tense muscles, and make you feel, well, happy. 

Rosemary Lip balm

Portable and practical, this all natural herbal lip balm is a sweet and soothing addition to any divorce gift package. It’s not greasy or waxy like some. Instead, it hydrates and nourishes the lip for a healthy, matte finish pout.

Funny divorce gifts

Badass Babe tea

If you think tea time should be prim and proper, then definitely skip this one. But, if you have a friend going through a breakup who needs a tasty reminder that s/he is a badass, then this is your cup of tea. We love everything about this disruptive, woman-owned brand. Oh, and did we mention that the handcrafted tea uses organic ingredients sourced from fair-trade farms worldwide? Yep, it’s true – and it’s f*cking delicious too.

Sassy Pens and Pencils

Looking for the perfect accessory to divorce papers? A “not today, Satan” pen to sign them with. 

Better Off Boxes are just $100 value but cost just $59. Let your newly single loved one that you’re there to support them!