7 Ways to Keep Plants Alive Through Multiple Moves

7 ways to keep plants alive through multiple moves

Move On, but Keep the Plants

Life itself is unpredictable, and life after divorce is even moreso. Embarking on the mission of moving is a stressful endeavour to begin with, and the added pressure of keeping plants alive can seem like a lot to handle. But never fear, we are here to give you a couple tips and tricks on how to transport plants as you move onto the next chapter of your journey. Here are our top seven ways to keep plants alive.

House plants illustrate tips for keeping them alive.
They’re ready to go, are you? Keep these friends alive and thriving with our tips.

The Best Ways to Keep Plants Alive

Are your plants in plastic containers? They should be! Using a plastic container with a hole in the bottom allows for water to drain and for the roots of your plant to breathe. If you don’t have them in plastic containers, you may want to re-pot them; however, don’t re-pot more than once a year because the stress it causes can be too much for the plant to handle.

Not all plants are the same, so do some research on the plants you have to find out what kind of care they require. Here is a list of the most popular household plants and how to care for them. Knowing the proper way to tend to your flora will help expand their lifespan and improve their quality of life (as well as your own!). 

How to Safely Transport Your Plants

Much like it is for people, moving is stressful for plants. As you are preparing for the move, pay attention to the temperature! Ideally, you would have a temperature controlled climate to keep your plants happy and healthy; however, that isn’t always possible, especially if you are traveling to a different climate. Try to keep the plants inside your vehicle at temperatures between 60º and 75º Fahrenheit.

You should already have your plants in lightweight plastic containers, which will make moving easier because you can place them in a laundry basket for efficient transport. Place the laundry basket full of plants in your car and you’re set to go!

How Do You Transport Tall Plants in a Car

The most efficient way to transport a tall plant in the car is to lay it on its side on the seat or floor (or whatever surface you place it on). Before doing that, lay a towel down so you don’t get any dirt in your car. Once you have double-checked that your tall plants are secured in place, put a sheet or tarp over the top to protect them from getting hit with too much sun, as overexposure can dry out and damage the plants.

How Do You Transport Plants Long-Distance

Some countries and states have differing laws on what plants you can bring in. Many will inspect plants upon arrival, so make sure you are familiar with the laws and regulations in your new location. You can find information about your state’s allowable plants by checking with the Department of Agriculture. Once you know the protocol, you can safely transport your plants in baskets or boxes to your destination.

Plant Moving Company

Be wary of trusting a moving company to transport your plants. Some moving companies will transport plants short distances, but many will refuse to move living plants with the rest of your household items because of the possible liabilities–including the risk of bringing a prohibited plant over state lines–so you have to make sure you disclose any greenery you have before putting the stuff in their moving truck.

If the moving company agrees to move your plants, make sure they are in boxes marked with the word “FRAGILE”, so they know to be extra careful as to not harm your plants.

Best Way to Move Large Potted Plants

You also need to know how to move out the big guys. The best way to protect your large potted plants is to place a plastic bag over them and tie off the bottom, then wrap them up in a bed sheet or towel for extra cushion. Place your bundled up plants into boxes and make sure they fit snugly inside to keep everything in its place. Don’t forget to label the boxes that plants are in. That way, you will be able to identify them easily to avoid them getting tossed around too much on the journey to their new home.

House plants looking healthy.
They’ve got something growing on!

Keep Plants Alive After a Move

Unpack your plants as soon as possible — this is the most important part of the process because the less time your plants spend boxed up, the better. Remove any dead leaves or branches, and then give them a few days to rest and recover as they acclimate themselves to their present-day location. Once you’ve settled into your new home, make sure to give your plants some extra love. And plant food. And water… but not too much. Even though you will probably want to give them a little drink, be careful not to drown your plants or they may start to wilt. Overall, you and your plants both will need a few days to adjust, but it will be well worth it!

If Your Plants Die, Life Goes On. Check Out Our Gift Registry!

Sometimes plants are just unable to handle the stress of relocating. Even if you know how to keep plants alive when moving, there’s still always a chance that stress will get the better of them. If you are in this position, then you’re in the right place! Check out our gift registry to get yourself some flower friends and plant power! And if you don’t already have plants, then this is your sign to get some–for you, or for a loved one who might appreciate a fresh start with a new thing to care for! Plant life creates a sense of serenity to any room, and we could all use a little of that! Moving on has never been so easy!